You hit me with a sucker-punch
That knocked all the love out of me
I struggled to regain my balance
But it was all I could do just to breathe.

But the thing about being sucker-punched
Abused, bullied, or teased
Whenever you get knocked down to the ground
You’re that much closer to your knees.

Uh-oh, don’t let me get a prayer through
Uh-oh, don’t let me hear His voice
And fill-up on the love Jesus freely gives
And get up with love as my choice.
Flittin' & Flyin'
Old folk sitting on the front porch

Thinking 'bout the past
Things that made them laugh
In a present
That is far too serious

People that they knew
Things the Lord
Brought them through
Just enjoying the view

Ignoring the future, too
Poems of Praise
Red & Bow
This morning l had to go through papers
From so very long ago
And when grief tried to overwhelm me
I tied them with a red bow.
Red for the blood of Jesus
And His love that brought me through
And for His wisdom and His grace
That gave me this to do.
A bow to tie the knot
Separating the present from the past
And the fluffy bow reminding me
God saves the best for last.
He promises us a future
And His promises are always true
For had it not been for these papers
I wouldn't have this poem for you.
Under The Influence: Spoken Praise
Big Eraser
You are so tender
With Your creation
You watch us
Fumble, and falter, and fall

Instead of rejecting us
For our flaws
You died
To save us all

You could have used
Your big eraser
Started over from scratch
Instead, You rose on Easter morn
So to heaven You can take us back
The Trilogy
Poems From The Fast -- Book One
Reunion -- Book Two
Third Ear -- Book Three
Closed Doors

Sometimes doors are closed
To save us anguish and precious time
And give God room to swing open
The doors He has in mind.

I've learned
In this lifetime
Don't push on closed doors
Too hard
The entryway may be blocked
By the protective arms of God.