The Girl With The Mismatched Eyes
Ripped-from-the-headlines action story!
Molly - the girl with the mismatched eyes - and the nefarious 4-G Crew will lead us on a merry chase, traipsing through their white privilege and malicious intentions for the black community, to find their true identities and their God-ordained destiny. But, in the meantime, if Lucille Jackson has anything to say about it, her husband, Bertram--the first black sheriff ever elected in the region--will be working overtime to keep Screamer, South Carolina from living up to its name which is deeply rooted in its racist past. The Jacksons are determined to keep the black community safe and to make sure black lives matter. Along the way, however, they all may make a startling discovery:"...all racists ain't white..."
The Fire Series
Dipped In Fire--Book One
Double-Dipped In Fire--Book Two
Everbody at church ain't in church!
Amazon Bestseller!
Preacher’s kids, Money and Melissa, have been going to church all of their lives; Wanza and Yteesha, not so much. But none of that matters if Mother Whatnot’s conviction is true: “Everybody at church ain’t in church.” Their lives intersect when Melissa, oh, so sweetly, steals Wanza’s ambitious, empire-building husband, Douglas, who happens to be promoting a star-studded mega concert as the grand gala for Fisk University’s Sesquicentennial Celebration. Douglas also chairs the Finance Committee at True Vine Ministries, Inc. where Melissa has aligned herself in order to get up-close-and-personal with Nashville’s rich and famous elite. It’s not the first time finance has turned to romance, but it certainly turns up the heat when they all find themselves—Dipped in the Fire—a story of great tragedy and great joy!
The Lottie Series
Pickin' Ground--Book One
In Due Season--Book Two
Lottie--Book Three
D.C. ain't got nothing on Old South politics!
Amazon Bestseller!
Lottie Garrett’s career as a partner in a New York investment firm is a far cry from her humble beginnings in the Deep South. Life is eerily calm until Lottie and her unlikely business partner, Raymond, are pitted in a life and death struggle against a masked murderer who chases them across three states. They land in Union City, Alabama, Lottie’s rural hometown, but Lottie hasn’t been home or seen her wise, homespun mother, Miss Charity, in over ten years. As tightly guarded family secrets collide, Miss Charity will be the best guide for Lottie and Raymond’s unexpected, soul-searching adventure, which leads to reconciliation, divine forgiveness and the release of bitterness. Filled with southern charm, a twist of mystery and a dash of suspense, Pickin’ Ground takes readers through a thorny murder plot that unravels through the very last page! Pickin’ Ground is the first book in the Lottie series.
Empty Envelope
Yes, we can do it God's way & win!
Amazon Bestseller!
What’s Trina Laws to do now that she’s traded her career for her family, her kids have outgrown her, and her husband is pushing her away? Does she follow her sex-crazed sister’s advice, “Girl, you better go get you some,” or turn to her mother’s God? How can a strong, handsome man like Jett Thorne keep his convictions in a world filled with treachery and moral compromise? Should he follow his feelings, or stay true to his cold-hearted wife? And while the grown folks are doing their own thing, who’s looking out for the kids; or do they have to find their own way out? Trina Laws and Jett Thorne find the answer when they find each other—but can true love wait?
Living In The Seventh Day
An unexpected storm creates an unforgettable friendship...
Amazon Bestseller!
Jasmine Davis, Leeza Manchester, and Cristal Richardson are thrown together by a chance meeting at the Atlanta Airport during Hurricane Allee. Under normal circumstances, these three diverse women wouldn't have said word-one to each other. By all appearances, they have absolutely nothing in common. But during the long layover caused by the killer storm, they're forced to set aside their differences and form a lasting connection. Going their separate ways, it's not long before their own well-ordered plans spiral out of control. Will their lives be blown away like their broken dreams and the six-day reign of Hurricane Allee, or will they be able to help each other find the faith and courage to let go and begin again?
Women Of Overcoming Faith
It's gonna take the Spirit of the Lord to sort out this church mess!
Amazon Bestseller!
After a tragic incident involving her precious daughter, Mother Brown is led to start a new single's ministry at Overcoming Faith Church - W.O.O.F. These young "Women of Overcoming Faith" will ban together to keep the wolf at the door through service and celibacy, and by following the "one another" scriptures in the Bible. You know them: Love one another; Serve one another; Be kind to one another...blah, blah, blah. But as you can imagine, their good intentions run into some big-bad opposition from within and without, not the least of which is Evangelist Johnesther Mayberry. You see, Johnesther, the illustrious First Lady, and the wily Head Deacon Raython Bliss are secretly mounting a coup against her unsuspecting husband, the Right Reverend --and equally fine--Pastor John Mayberry."It's gonna take the Spirit of the Lord to sort out this mess!"
"In Due Season - This sequel to Pickin' Ground covers politics and race in an intriguing manner with excellent characterisation and great dialogue; Lottie being a very likeable protagonist. Set in the south of America, the locations are vividly depicted and the author skilfully draws the reader into her world. Some of the religious aspects may not be to everyone's taste, but Christians will no doubt lap this up."
Author R.D. Hale

"W.O.O.F.--This is a great, easy this uplifting, Word-filled, Christian fiction book. This was the first time I read any thing by this author and it will not be my last. Great plots and just a great read. A singles group or woman's book club could really benefit from reading this book. Just when I was about to give up on reading a decent novel here comes this book!"

"Girl, I had this past week off and I tell you...I read Pickin' Ground and am almost done with In Due Season. What a treat!! You've so fully captured the plight of the rural south AND the soul-ution! I am loving it!"
Norma M.J.

I began reading W.O.O.F. yesterday and I can't put it down. On my way to church; however when I return, will rush through reading my Sunday paper so I can get back to W.O.O.F."
Barbara W., Virginia

Wow! I just finished Pickin' Ground...once I first picked it up I couldn't wait to pick it up again. You are such a good writer & storyteller. The suspense was killing me! I'm so glad I bought the series, because I definitely have to read more of your works. Keep doing what you do!"
Cheri H.

"Empty Envelope is spectacular! It's a Spirit-filled love story...that shows what the Lord can do when we do it His way. It also shows how adult romances can impact their kids--whether they realize it or not."
Sara M.B., Florida

"Miss Britt is an encouraging and an inspirational speaker. She invites us all to come in and, 'Let's talk!'"
Jennifer G. Eufaula, AL

"I picked up W.O.O.F. at 10 p.m. and I wasn't able to put it down until I finished it at 4am...a great read!"
Gladys M. St. Petersburg, FL

"My intent was to read one poem in Flittin' & Flyin', but I flew through the whole book...just wonderful!"
Dorothy A. Philadelphia, PA

"I read Empty Envelope and was pleasantly surprised--will certainly read more soon. Shared it with friends and we all enjoyed it very much."
Anna O. Tuskegee, AL

"In Due Season...what a powerful story of brought tears to my eyes. Great read!"
Gloria D. Dallas, TX