image1 Red & Bow

Red Bow

"Red Bow"
(c)Jeanetta Britt
This morning l had to go through papers
From so very long ago
And when grief tried to overwhelm me
I tried them with a red bow.
Red for the blood of Jesus
And His love that brought me through
And for His wisdom and His grace
That gave me this to do.
A bow to tie the knot
Separating the present from the past
And the fluffy bow reminding me
God saves the best for last.
He promises us a future
And His promises are always true
For had it not been for these papers
I wouldn't have this poem for you.




image1 Flittin & Flyin'

Grab Hold

We used to
Hold hands
Without being asked
To do so
Ring games
Prayer circles
Friends holding hands

But, now,
We’ve become so
And the more

buynowWe’ve declared
Ourselves to be
The more
We’ve become

And our hands
They miss each other
And our lives
They tell the story
Of a circle broken
In our homes, in our churches
In our children, in our community
In our world

But the hand of Christ
Is still outstretched
To bring us back
Into the circle of humankind
To love God, to love each other
To live life . . . more abundantly
The way He intended
Grab hold!



Under The Influence: Spoken Praise

We Like Drama

The cross
The scourge
Thorns pressed in His head
The anguish
The blood
Nailed prone till He was dead

The grave
The stone
The resurrection morn
The witness
The ascension
For us to be reborn


The Way of Salvation
Was God’s to choose alone
He could have spoke it into being
He could have written it on a stone

So why did Jesus choose
To go through all that trauma?
To prove to us His love
He knows we like drama

To read it
To hear it
Wouldn’t be enough
When things got tight
And times got tough

Seeing it in action
Leaves a lump in your throat
You know how special it makes you feel
When love goes for broke


The Trilogy

pickingroundPoems From The Fast

Oh, Freedom!

Jesus is God
Is the simple truth
My heart stumbled on
One day.

The same God
I had sinned against
When I insisted
On having my way.

I had been blind
I had been stubborn
Ungrateful and unloving
When in an epiphany
It suddenly occurred to me.


“That was God upon that cross!”
My soul cried out with glee,
“Encased in human form
So He could die… for me!”

It’s not very often
When we’ve hurt someone so deep
Do they offer us a plan
To repay their pain and grief.

That’s why God’s forgiveness
Of our sins is so unique
Not only did He set the price
He paid it and set us free.




Love You Can Feel

Did you ever
Feel love
Love you could share
Bubbling all over
Landing here and there?

There once was a time
I’d gotten kind of flat
The Lord came along
And said,
“That’s enough of that.

The love I have for you
I want you to
Delve into my joy
Find your deliverance.”

buynowI took Him at His word
And dared to enter in
Love so sweet
It’s tasty
I found in my Good Friend.




Third Ear

Rhinos Can't Run With Gazelles

Rhinos can’t run with gazelles
No matter how magnificent
Regardless of proximity
Their minds are very different.

How can they run together
Unless they first agree?
How can they ever hope
Eye-to-eye to see?

Thoughts that determine
Their altitude
Lands one in a mud bog
Propels the other toward the moon.


Unencumbered minds
To the skies they bound
Heavy, brooding ones
Wallow on the ground.

Jesus invites all
Who are weary and heavy-laden
Cast your cares upon Him
Our minds He’s liberating.

With thoughts elevated
From earthy to divine
No more rhino living
But a gazelle state of mind.



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