The Author

image1 Bestselling author and award-winning poet, Jeanetta Britt, graduated with honors from Fisk University and The University of Michigan. She completed a successful executive career that spanned over three decades in Dallas, Texas, before returning to her native Alabama. "But," she says, "my faith in Jesus Christ means more to me than anything, and it has proven to be the most valuable asset in my life." She also says, "That's why I write Christian Fiction novels and Gospel share the love!"
Jeanetta's novels are filled with juicy drama and edgy suspense, exciting the senses while inspiring the soul. They're available in ebook and paperback. She also writes inspirational poetry.
Her new bestseller--Dipped in the Fire (ISBN 978-0692650646)--is the soul-searching story of two preacher's kids, Money & Melissa, who've been going to church all their lives; but Wanza & Yteesha, not so much. But none of that matters if Mother Whatnot's conviction is true: "Everybody at church ain't in church." Their lives intersect when Melissa, oh, so sweetly, steals Wanza's ambitious, empire-building husband, Douglas, who also chairs the Finance Committee at True Vine Ministries, Inc. It's not the first time finance has turned to romance, but it certainly turns up the heat when they all find themselves...Dipped in the Fire!             Her bestselling novel--Living in the Seventh Day (ISBN 978-0692300503)--is the story of three, diverse women who have a chance meeting in the Atlanta Airport during Hurricane Allee. During the long layover caused by the killer storm, Jasmine, Leeza, and Cristal, who appear to have very little in common, form a lasting bond. They go their separate ways, but it’s not long before their own well-ordered plans spiral out of control. Will their lives be blown away like their broken dreams and the six-day reign of Hurricane Allee, or will they find the faith and courage to help each other let go and begin again...Living in the Seventh Day.
Her bestseller, The "Lottie" Series, includes:
Pickin' Ground--Book 1 (ISBN 0-9712363-3-x); In Due Season--Book 2 (ISBN 0-9712363-4-8); and Lottie--Book 3 (ISBN 0-9712363-6-4). In Pickin' Ground, Lottie and her boss, Raymond, run from a masked murderer on their way to making some life-transforming choices. In, In Due Season, Lottie returns home to rural Alabama to help her mother and her community, only to find her own true purpose and true love. In, Lottie, she becomes the first female African-American senator in Alabama, gets married, and the good-ole-boys are trying to kill her. Her priorities are out of whack, but through faith and prayer she comes to realize, "There's no love like married love!"
Empty Envelope (ISBN 978-0-9712363-5-6), another bestseller, is a story of love deferred by severe trials and personal sacrifice until the Lord brings it forth in great triumph. "Yes, we can do it God's way and win!"
In her bestseller--
W.O.O.F. (ISBN 978-0-9712363-8-7)--the Women of Overcoming Faith Church put 'one another'
love to the test, while at the same time, First Lady Johnesther Mayberry and wily Head
Deacon Raython Bliss are secretly mounting a coup to take over her husband's pulpit.
In addition to Flittin' & Flyin' (ISBN 978-0-9712363-9-4), her poetry offerings include: Under the Influence--Spoken Praise (ISBN 0-9712363-7-2); Poems from the Fast (ISBN 0-9712363-0-5); Reunion (ISBN 0-9712363-1-3); and Third Ear (ISBN 0-9712363-2-1).
In addition to being a sought-after encourager for youth and adults, alike, Jeanetta is also an avid gardener and community advocate. She founded Twelve Stones CDC—a non-profit organization that operates two community gardens in rural Alabama. “We provide free, fresh food for our community and an opportunity for our youth and senior citizens to form vital intergenerational bonds--and get some free exercise, companionship and sunshine, too,” she says. “No rules—just love!”



"Miss Britt is an encourager and an inspirational speaker.  She invites us all to come in and, 'Let's talk!'" Jennifer G. Eufaula, AL

"I picked up W.O.O.F. at 10 p.m. and I wasn't able to put it down until I finished it at 4am...a great read!" Gladys M. St. Petersburg, FL

"My intent was to read one poem in Flittin' & Flyin', but I flew through the whole book...just wonderful!" Dorothy A. Philadelphia, PA

"I read Empty Envelope and was pleasantly surprised--will certainly read more soon. Shared it with friends and we all enjoyed it very much." Anna O. Tuskegee, AL 

"In Due Season...what a powerful story of brought tears to my eyes. Great read!"  Gloria D. Dallas, TX